Profiled Artist: Cults

Already receiving a myriad amount of internet buzz, Cults are a relatively new indie-pop band based in New York City but hailing from San Diego. In early 2010, the boyfriend-girlfriend duo of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin nonchalantly posted a three song EP Cults 7” which contained “Go Outside,” “Most Wanted,” and “The Curse” on their Bandcamp website for fun. They immediately gathered a huge online following and earned instant mentions on music alert sites such as Pitchfork. At first, Cults were shrouded by a cloud of mystery since there was almost no information about them anywhere. The two were just film students at New York University experimenting with music with their friends. Deciding to dedicate all of their time to the band, the couple decided to drop out of NYU earlier this year for a great reason.

While many bands find success through ‘internet-hype’ and die out quite fast, Cults have found phenomenal popularity in such a short time. The band now includes three more members that provide additional instruments and vocals. One can account their quick leap to fame to their psychedelic sound, which will remind you of a 1960’s pop group style with charming melodies and tinkering chimes. Lead vocalist Follin has an airy voice that is not only hypnotic, but also dreamy, leaving listeners feeling relaxed and serene. Lead guitarist and back vocalist Oblivion inserts the perfect echoing chords, creating spine-tingling undertones in each one of their songs.

With nostalgic lyrics such as “Left you hopeless high and dry / and I moved on because I thought I was strong / All I think about is you / and when I do I cry every night” and “I never wanted a single thing for my life / All I wanted was to know that I have never wasted my time” over their lo-fi, ethereal sound, the band creates music to which most people can relate. This unique blend supports Cults’ quick transition from anonymous internet band to an up-and-coming group that deserves all of the attention they receive. You may not have heard much about this band, but Cults will definitely be on your radar soon.

Not even a year after releasing their three-song EP, Cults have been signed twice, first under Forest Family Records, founded by Gorilla vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck, and are now with Lily Allen’s ‘In the Name Of’ under Sony/Columbia Records. Cults are currently on tour with most of their shows already sold out and will release their debut self-titled album on June 7, 2011 which will surely not be a record to miss!


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