A Week In Apple

To say Apple, Inc. has had an eventful week is an understatement. On October 4th, 2011, Apple announced the launch of their iPhone 4S. On October 5th, 2011, around 8 PM in the evening, Apple lost one of the most amazing innovators of the 21st century; former CEO Steve Jobs passed away from a neuroendocrine tumor in his pancreas, which is a deadly form of pancreatic cancer.

A lot was speculated as to what was going to be discussed at the October 4th conference, and many thought Apple was ready to launch it’s iPhone 5 under Tim Cook’s new tenure as CEO. The new iPhone 4S, launching October 12th, 2011, has a dual core A5 chip, which makes this Apple’s fastest iPhone ever, as well as a new wireless system in which it can switch between two antennas making download speeds faster and quality more sharp. It has an upgraded camera, from five megapixels to eight megapixels and face detection. The video recording has been improved from 720p 30 fps to 1080p 30 fps, meaning 1080 is how high the definition is 30 frames per second. The battery life has also been extended by an hour. The major difference the new iPhone 4s has is Siri, your own built in assistant. With Siri, you can use your voice to do basically everything from sending messages, placing phone calls, setting reminders, searching for information and much, much more. Something that will get you? It takes dictation and types out words for you. Basically anything a phone can do, you can now tell it to do by speaking without any manual work.

How does that tie into marketing? It isn’t a secret that Apple’s marketing is amazing. Their successfulness at differentiation is what makes them so fruitful of a creative company. In terms of Siri, what will make people buy this new iPhone 4S, not even a 5 yet, but 4S? The fact that you no longer have to do anything. It allows for humans to basically just tell the phone to do it and it will. It’s as if you had a personal assistant but instead it’s a small phone and one doesn’t have to deal with a person. This appeals to their market because now-a-days people are so busy, and they made it so much easier to go about our days.

October 12th, 2011 is also the launch date of iOS 5 which is in Apple’s words, “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. The new operating system for iPads and iPhones has 200 new features and many updated apps. New features include a notification center, iMessage (Blackberry Messenger for iPhones), and Twitter integration.

Why has Apple been so successful? It’s because they focus on us, the customer, and never the product. All of the commercials and ads Apple puts out focuses on telling us how to use it, and giving us entertainment and what we want. They don’t spend time going into detail about the megapixels or antennas. The brand also emphasizes that less is more. The design is sleek, cool, clean. Apple products also don’t require an instruction booklet to learn how to use their products. The reason Apple is so good at what they do is because they learned to market convenience and remove complexity. The marketing strategy revolves around lifestyle and making a connection with their customers.

A sad end to the week, a man who made a real difference in the marketing world and a creative genius was lost. He experienced everything from being fired from the company he founded to having a liver transplant because of his cancer, but he never lost hope in his company because he loved what he did. The marketing world has lost a great visionary and innovative mentor. It truly is a sad story, I know I stopped to sit down for a little and pondered at how much Steve Jobs could have given the world if he was still alive. The world has lost a immeasurable amount of possible innovative and creative contributions and a remarkable human being. Steve Jobs truly was someone who changed the world and left an unforgettable mark on the world’s history. Please take the time out to watch this inspirational video:http://www.ted.com/talks/steve_jobs_how_to_live_before_you_die.html


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