Profiled Artist: Fools For Rowan

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, alternative indie rock band Fools For Rowan is the ultimate blend of powerful vocals and instrumentals. Only together for a little over a year, the band is already being raved about. The band’s enthralling front vocalist Erin Mullins could not have a more sultry voice. On the drums is Jordan Cullen and on bass is Andrew “Gibby” Williams, with Ryan Harrison Nanney on rhythm guitar and Rachel Brandsness on lead guitar.  An energetic band live, they have had no problem developing their huge fan base. Always willing to give a great show no matter the audience, Fools For Rowan is creating a worthy name in the music business and is definitely on the radar of bands to look out for in the coming year.

Their debut album Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled came out at the end of 2009 and got rave reviews. The band quickly went on tour after around both coasts of the United States. Since the debut album, they have opened up for bands such as Sick Puppies, Halestorm, and Adelitas Way and most recently played in Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium with rockers Evanescence. Coming from the hometown of famous bands such as Paramore and Kings Of Leon, the band is often compared to the two very successful bands in regards to their lead female singers and strong guitar riffs, respectively. Yet, Fools for Rowan is so different, and in a good way, but they still have that southern edge. Not only does Fools for Rowan have two badass female members but those females are the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the band. A refreshing sound so unlike the rock-alternative bands out there today, the band knows how to play beautiful and pure rock music, shy of chords being too catchy and predictable.

One stand-out song from the album is “Dead” whose video was featured on Fuse TV and Havoc TV. Extremely well rounded with intense lyrics, brilliant talent at instruments, and the strong, textured voice of Erin Mullins make this a song, an entire album, which deserves to be replayed over and over again. Currently signed to Lava Lamp Records, fans can expect a myriad amount of exciting things from the group. According to the band, they enjoy “good music, good times, good friends, good food and rockin’ face! We’re also pretty fond of road trips.” Perhaps hopefully foreshadowing another album and tour on the way, this band quote perfectly displays their love for their fans and just creating good music.


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