Interview: Heroes And Underdogs

Interview By: Alexandria Chong

Interview With: Kayla Loren (vocals) of Heroes and Underdogs

Poughkeepsie, NY’s Heroes and Underdogs have made serious waves in a short period of time. Formed in December 2011, the pop rock quintet has already dominated the charts and released their debut EP, “That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!” The band even has a track featuring Taylor Jardine of fellow female-led Poughkeepsie act, We Are The In Crowd.

Check out our interview with this hot new band below…

Alexandria Chong: Hey guys! How is everything going? 

Kayla Loren: Awesome, I hope you’re doing great yourself! The band is currently tied up so they left me, Kayla Loren, in charge of this interview haha so I’m stoked and I hope I don’t embarrass them or myself too badly.

A.C: How did Heroes and Underdogs come about? How did you guys meet?

K.L: I met each of them at different times but basically I had been working on the EP and wanted to start a band for a long time. I called each of them up and told them about what I was working on, sent them a few tracks, and BAM H&U was born.

A.C: Are there any artists/bands that have inspired you to join the music industry?

K.L: I know we all have different tastes and styles but the two bands we all agree on are Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.

A.C: How did you guys come up with the name [That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!] for the debut EP and how did it feel when it released?

K.L: There was no effort at all put into the name. I actually was talking to my friend Mr. Jayce Levi (Dino Club/JP & Jayce) at the time I was thinking of a name and just sort of asked him to name it for us. It felt so damn good to finally release the EP. I worked on it for a year, actually longer including the actual writing process, so it was a nice relief to finally get it out for people to hear it.

A.C: What is it like being the only girl in a quintet with four other guys?

K.L: It is a lot of fun, I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of guys to be in a band with.

A.C: How would you guys describe your music to someone who has never heard it before in five words?

K.L: This is extremely hard….”it’s cool, check it out!”

A.C: What do you guys find most exciting about getting to create music together? What about the most frustrating?

K.L: To be honest we haven’t had the full experience of writing together yet. We’re currently working on a few songs here and there and thankfully we have great chemistry. The most frustrating thing is trying to make everyone happy about every individual part. There’s always going to be something about our songs one of us doesn’t like and that’s fine.

A.C: Tell us one thing about each of you that your fans probably don’t know.

K.L: Ricky Martin, rhythm guitar, his first crush was Sailer Moon.

Frank Serse, drums, plays hockey and is really good at it.

Kevin Hayden, lead guitarist, is excellent at drawsomething.

Joe Costable, bassist, is a nerd.

Myself, vocals, I have a slight obsession with Chris Lilley.

A.C: How did it feel to dominate PureVolume’s weekly chart in such a short time span?

K.L: It was completely unexpected. None of us even thought we’d last in the top ten spot longer than the first day. It was a great feeling, though, and I could tell, with the other guys too, it’s given us even more drive to push ourselves.

A.C: Where is one city or venue you’d most like to play at?

K.L: The House of Blues seems like a really awesome place to play

A.C: Is there a song on your EP that you are most excited for the fans to hear?

K.L: We did a song called “Electric” with Taylor Jardine from We Are The In Crowd, courtesy of Hopeless Records. Of course it is special because Taylor’s beautiful voice is on it but there’s also a lot more to it. The song itself has a lot of personal meaning to me. It was written by Taylor and I’s mutual friend, Joshua Lawrence. The song itself has been through so many stages, getting better, and better throughout the years. We basically grew up with it. Unfortunately, Josh took on a lot of work at school and has less time to work on music so he insisted that we take it. I’m not one to play songs I haven’t written but this was an exception, it’s a song that I personally love, has a lot of meaning to me, and a song a lot of my good friends had a hand in.

A.C: You guys release “Underdog TV” updates every week on your YouTube page. Any hints as to what is coming up next?

K.L: A lot of tom foolery.

A.C: If I were to check out your iPods right now, which song would be the last you were listening to?

K.L: I’m going to text them right now and find out the exact answers

Joe: “Ups & Downs” by Saves the Day

Frankie: “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys

Ricky: “Dead Weight” by With The Punches

Kevin: “Rumor Mill” by We Are the In Crowd

Kayla: “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t” by Brand New

A.C: Anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

K.L: We’re a fairly new band and just want to say a big thank you to everyone that has taken the time out to support us so far. It means the world!


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