A euphoric experience: Nero at the House of Blues

Dillon Francis, Alana Watson and Nero all under one roof? I know, m-a-g-i-c-a-l. The only thing that helped me make it through my two hour accounting midterm was that I was going to see that triple threat right afterwards. On a Tuesday night, one would not expect such a massive audience, but the concert was a sold-out success.

An amateur DJ hit the stage early, around 8:00 p.m., and attempted his best at giving us a riveting performance. He played a few good dance type tracks, but his set lacked flow. However, because the concert was all ages, the younger crowd seemed to really enjoy it.


By the time Dillion Francis came on, the audience was ready for some hardcore beats. From the start of Francis’ set, a new vibe hit the crowd. Everyone started intensely dancing until they turned literally into a sweaty, messy mob. Everyone was enjoying the music. After hearing an hour and a half of pop-friendly electronic music, the crowd was ready for Nero.

Stephen and Joe, the premier English duo known as Nero, came out mounted on top of a structure that looked like the interior of a modern spaceship. The two came out wearing glasses that covered straight across their eyes and fit the look of a ‘futuristic dubstep experience.’ They dropped epic drum and bass beats from their recent Welcome Realityalbum, as well as a few of their older mix-ups such as Steve Aoki and The Bloody Beetroots’ “Warp.” They kept the crowd dancing amidst a laser light show, heavy beats and a sick set.


The light show was completely unreal, with creativity and intensity that blew the audience away. At one point there was a heartbeat behind the duo that spelled out “Nero” every time the beat dropped. The energy was amazing and everyone was connected through bone-chilling percussion and bass that shook down to the core.

The crowd went even wilder when Alana Watson came out. A vision in all black leather and long blonde hair, her voice was mesmerizing. Singing “Promises,” she wooed the crowd and there was no doubt that they all fell in love with her. Her presence on stage was incredible, one of the best I have seen. She seems at total ease the entire time and managed to deliver a powerful performance vocally and aesthetically. 

The best part of the night? They finished their set list, walked off stage and the venue started emptying. But a few minutes later they came back with a sick encore of “Act Like You Know,” and everyone literally ran back in. I got an encore, but even after that, I still did not want the concert to end.


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