Nada Surf woos the Paradise

With so many bands unable to perform well live nowadays, Nada Surf outshone all of them playing with such immense ease and charm. The band has a genuine love for their fans, which was present when lead singer Matthew Caws at one point stated that he recognized faces in the crowd. It is this dedication that goes to show that it is no woner that the Paradise was packed last Friday night. People of all ages came out to partake in the showcase of their creative talent.

Promoting their new album, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, which came out in January 2012, the band played much more off of their new album instead of incorporating older songs. It’s understandable that the set list would be more of the newer tracks, however, being an older Nada Surf fan, I think I can say I would have preferred if they played a lot more of their older tracks. An exceptional piece was “Blonde on Blonde,” one of the most beautiful live songs I have ever had the privilege of hearing. It sounded almost surreal, a fresh and reassuring sound that shows that after two decades, the band hasn’t exhausted their creativity but has only expanded upon it. 

The setting was also fairly intimate and served to enhance the show. Everyone was able to vibe to the music on a personal level and there were minimal light distractions. The colors merely shadowed the band, allowing for an ethereal performance. The band delivered nothing short of spectacular guitar riffs, bass and drum beats, offering us a strong voice to go along with powerful instrumentals. 

Playing a varied set, the band showed me why I fell in love with them in the first place. It was hard not to be enticed by Caws serenading every person in the room. They delivered an impressive show, wooing the audience, reminding us why they set a standard for the indie-rock world.


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