The Phenomenal Power of Digital Marketing

Almost a month ago, an internet film named “KONY 2012” went viral. The point? Awareness. Just how good is a social media viral marketing campaign? Phenomenal.. if you get it right. The first week the video was released it received over 100 million views.Invisible Children set out with a goal to make Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a household name. But, they’ve targeted strategically. They used a platform that resonated with the younger generation, who could then bring it up at the dinner table with their parents. They named 20 of the most influential celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Mark Zuckerberg and Ellen Degeneres as well as 12 of the most influential policy makers such as Mitt Romney, John Kerry and Condoleezza Rice to help make a difference.The video starts out with the quote, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea.” It is abstract phrases such as that that made this video marketing such a powerful force of its own. It captured attention and was one of the most brilliant demonstrations of how to get your message heard by uprising digital media. Currently over 3.5 million people have signed the pledge to “Stop at Nothing” to help make Kony famous by watching and sharing the video.

So how to make your own successful digital marketing campaign? Be strategic and smart. Grab attention and tell a compelling story. Move people with what you are offering. Hit the pathos effect and stir an emotional calling in your viewers. Invisible Children did so by surrounding the video around co-founder Jason Russell’s son Gavin. Make it super easy for everyone to join the movement by explicitly stating a domino effect of what needs to be done. Give specific ways that anyone can help out. Last but not least, use social media; use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, everything you can think of.By making it compelling, emotional and comprehensive, Invisible Children was able to produce of the most ingenious viral digital marketing campaigns we’ve seen.


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