Marketing 101

Amazon has grown to be the king in internet retail. It has championed a marketing strategy that has helped it to become the dominant “dot com” company. Why? Because they want their customers to buy what they want without having to deal with a hassle.

The reason Amazon is so successful is because of the two fundamental pillars of its marketing strategy. The first fundamental pillar is customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CEO, Jeff Bezos, wrote in their first shareholder letter, “Start with customers, and work backwards.. Listen to customers, but don’t just listen to customers – also invent on their behalf.. Obsess over customers.” It is that philosophy upon which the entire business is rooted on. Focusing on the customers builds the kind of long – lasting relationships every company strives for. Behind this strategy is the fact that Bezos and Amazon are not focused on profits. Surprisingly when Amazon became public in 1997, Bezos was fine with operating at a loss and it wasn’t until four years later that the company even began to make some kind of profit. The company achieves their goal of long term business survival by making customer satisfaction one of its core values.

The second fundamental pillar is convenience. They market a convenient lifestyle, minimizing the time of using their service which attracts anyone from busy moms or CEOS who work 20 hours a day. One way they achieve that is One Click ordering which already has your credit card information stored as well as your address so you only have one button to click before your item is paid for and on its way to your house.

Amazon also utilizes email marketing. They take data of what you’ve looked at as well as purchased and send out personalized emails with recommendations for you based on that data. They make orders easy, deliveries fast, and constantly email with various sales and promotions. Amazon’s website is also fairly navigable and appealing in a minimalist way.

So takeaways? Quality service and customer dedication always, always goes a long way. Convenience in a world that is now so hectic and chaotic is a treasure to everyone. Make those two pillars core to your marketing strategy and it will help you out in the long time growth of your company. Relationships are the reason people – customers- care.


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