Profiled Artist: Culprit

The members of the band Culprit grew up ten minutes away from Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. Despite their proximity to the overpopulated Los Angeles music scene, they have an aura that sets them apart.

Culprit has built a rock star following throughout California by consistently playing up and down the coast. The band consists of four epically talented guys, Travis Powell on vocals and guitar, Mayauel Garavito on vocals and guitar, Zach Blumenfeld on bass, and Jason Michalski on drums.

After finishing a kick ass tour with two awesome bands Ticktockman and Children of Nova, Culprit has been blowing up on the West Coast. Ever since releasing their debut EP Analogue in April 2011, the buzz surrounding the band has been nonstop. While the EP is only five songs, it still wowed me. The songs unbelievably display their talent and ability to capture the emotions and attention of listeners, especially “Siren” and “Decimals and Fractions.”

Their music is full of energy, memorable choruses, strong vocals and powerful instrumentals. Travis and Mayauel’s vocals give a raw edge to their songs. The sounds evokes Maroon 5 mixed perfectly with more punk bands like Sum 41, Simple Plan or Yellowcard.

Culprit reminds me of my teenage years, the era during which I fell in love with instrumental-rock music. It’s such a magnificent, nostalgic feeling of days I spent sitting in my room listening to bands like Relient K and Blink-182, just enjoying the music for what it was. However, Culprit has that sort of ambient indie twist to their sound which makes me unable to push the stop button. Their unique sound puts other bands in the crowded LA scene to shame. Definitely check out their music and catch a show if they are touring near you!


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