Profiled Artist: Daniel Robinson

Electro-pop has a new bad boy. Packed with a sultry voice, a pretty face and superb sync with synthesizers Daniel Robinson is blowing up the electro-pop genre. Reminisce of Owl City with a little of Dan Black and LIGHTS, Robinson’s venture with music has varied over many genres before he settled on this one.

A singer and songwriter bundled into one, Daniel lives in Buffalo, NY but records in Toronto, ON. He prides himself on having worked on his voice since he was age five; believing that his hard work on his vocals has made his voice stronger and stronger. Writing his first song at age thirteen, he’s been in love with music ever since, having said that music is everything to him. Not only did he develop his voice but at the same time he experienced from genre to genre, trying to create new forms and takes on music as he created his niche in the music industry.

Releasing his debut EP North last December, Robinson is just getting started making history, as the lyrics in his song “History Maker” sings. He has been sighted on iheartRadio’s Artist to Watch List. Robinson’s take on music is pure ethereal beauty. It is light and airy and seems almost like beautiful written poetry come to life. A combination of uplifting melodies and lyrics, Daniel can woo with his creativity and talent. He has a great voice and has a craft for writing meaningful lyrics. His songs speak about themes such as friendship and love which calls to every listener. Daniel is also wise; dipping into many genres is very ingenious and provides him with an edge and rawness as an artist.  Being able to take from many different musical influences from those other genres is very innovative and artistic. Although settling on electro pop and synth for this EP, Robinson doesn’t disappoint.

Something cool you didn’t know about him? Daniel has been noted as a fan of anything that amplifies reality and makes it more interesting so therefore does graphic design, creating all of his own artwork for his music. A completely well rounded and talented artist, he also dips into participating with various charities that promote equality such as Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation’s Buffalo chapter. Another fun fact? His tag line is “the best part…is I’m just getting started.” He’s an artist with a passion you rarely seen now-a-days. If you haven’t fallen in love with him already, I’m sure you will pretty soon. He has said on his Facebook he is experimenting with metal next so expect some more awesome music from him in the near future!


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