Profiled Artist: Cara Samantha

Singer and song writer Cara Samantha hails from New York City, a city that births artists full of creativity and passion. I’m sure my hometown is honored to say that Cara is one of those births. Cara is said to be the love child of Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones and Carole King – and with good reason. Her voice is powerful and fun and her songs have a spark to them that make your heart instantly feel a little happier.

She had her start in musical theater and also in the recording industry as a backup singer. A fairly new artist, her first songs were written in Fall of 2011. She took her songs to Dominic Fallacaro, her current producer, for advice which sparked a dynamic relationship with an EP in the works very soon after. Using Kickstarter in February of this year, Cara started a crowd-funding campaign to raise money so she could record the EP. In only two weeks, she raised $5,000 toward it and the EP was recorded almost entirely in a single day in April 2012. In just a mere seven months after writing her first song, she was already ready to release an amazing EP! Her drive and passion are what make her stand out. She has talent, catchy melodies, and lyrics that embody an ability to share a meaningful story.

In our interview, she shared that she always knew the only option for her was being a performer. She reminisces of standing in front of the mirror trying to make herself cry on cue, sitting on the toilet making up songs and writing them down in Solfege (Do-Re-Mi..) and even belting out Mariah Carey in her bedroom. At age three, she sang “New York, New York” on a cruise ship vacation she was on. In regards to her own music, she is especially proud of “I Gotta Say”, which was one her first attempts at song writing. It was written about the first time she said ‘I love you’ to her fiancé and the song even helped her name her EP Out the Door.

Cara even has a unique way of creating her magic. Her secret? She writes most of her songs on the NYC subway. Her method of free writing helps her to create beautiful lyrical works. She writes without censoring herself and admits that sometimes it comes easy, but sometimes it’s a little tougher. She has even recorded herself lightly singing to a melody or hook in her head on her phone while on the subway and acknowledges that she probably looks crazy doing it. But it’s that passion, that fearlessness, that Cara has that helps her stand out on her own in this industry. It is also obvious that Cara is enjoying every minute of it. She elaborates that every experience she has, she learns something to apply in order to get better and better.

Something really cool about Cara? She got to sing for the judges on American Idol, Season 11 in Pennsylvania and was even praised on her ability! The one artist she truly admires is Stevie Wonder and hopes to work with him one day. She believes that he’s the perfect example of a true artist, with the ability to make one feel what he feels. It’s hard not to see that she possesses the very same qualities of being remarkably passionate and talented that she attributes to him.

Cara is a young artist with a bright future ahead, look what she did in just seven months! Be on the radar for her EP Out the Door which will be released on August 4th!


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