Profiled Artist: Mission Hill

Every so often comes along a band or artist that makes you just fall in love with music again. It’s an unexplainable feeling and connection one has, but I know there are some out there that know exactly what I am talking about. Mission Hill is one of those bands. The trio of Adam Jensen as singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Alex Knutsen as guitarist, and Nick DiSpagna as bassist hails from Boston, Massachusetts.

Forming in 2007, the alternative indie rock band has not only gained a myriad of fans and followers through playing many gigs and shows, but has also received nation wide acclaim for their vocals and talent.  Mission Hill was named the “Top Local Band to Watch in 2010″ by Boston Music Spotlight, number one on Alternative Addiction’s list of “Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country” and won the 2008 LA Music Award for “Indie Male Vocalist of the Year.”

Their debut EP, Mission Hill EP, was released and soon after unleashed a number of amazing experiences for the band. They grew into one of the top bands in the New England music scene, opening for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock at Gillette Stadium, performing at the Kiss 108 Kiss Concert at the Comcast Center, playing live on FOX Morning News, and even completing a one month residency at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Saigon, Vietnam.

In 2010, Mission Hill released their EP Beautiful Addiction. I’ve listened to this EP a few times already and each time, I have never skipped a song. A rarity, Mission Hill has the ability to capture an audience from end to end of the album. With talents including stimulating lyrics, catchy hooks and guitar riffs, intense fervent vocals, and an aggressively energetic live performance, Mission Hill is on a mission to produce some of the most unique music in an industry plagued by abysmal pop tunes. Mission Hill has proven themselves over and over again to their fans their ability to create amazing songs and great concert memories.

These guys are forever building up a storm and be wary, because they’ll be hitting you next – and you’ll enjoy it. Mission Hill is currently on tour on the East Coast, be sure to buy a ticket!


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