Redbull Play & Destroy

The Paradise was filled to the brim with excitement, youth, and explosive energy. On Saturday November 10th, Red Bull did the honor of bringing around 800 Boston students one of the best music parties I’ve seen. The Red Bull Play & Destroy competition was a one on one, iPod vs. iPod music battle where 16 student DJ’s played, but only one destroyed. The DJ’s with the top 16 playlists in Boston competed head to head in a variety of epic “battlegories” such as “That Pregame Song,” “Best Boston Song,” “Stripper Anthems” and “Graveyard Tribute (Deceased Artists).” Each DJ had their own customized iPod playlists tailored to show off their own unique musical tastes and musically inclined ears. Home grown MC Akrobatik of Dorchester, MA hosted the battles between the students.

The crowd served as the ultimate judge as they cheered their favorite DJ’s to victory. One by one the DJs paved the way for the top two to fiercely battle it out in the ultimate musical assault. BU’s very own DJ R.D. Spinz (Randall Spence) spun against DJ Mister Bisc (Dan Biscoe) of Northeastern University for the title of “Redbull’s Play & Destroy Boston Finals Champion.” Mister Bisc took it home in the category of “Party Rocking Anthems” winning custom Red Bull Skull Candy headphones, an iPad mini and a $100 Uber car credit. Taking home second place, DJ R.D. Spinz won a set of custom Red Bull Skull Candy headphones and a $200 Apple gift card.

The champion DJ Mister Bisc, Dan Biscoe took the time out to tell me he had an amazing time and just really wanted to work the crowd and really interact with them. He reminiscences back to playing “Build Me Up Buttercup” and having the crowd go nuts but to him easily the best part was representing Northeastern as the best party school in Boston.

DJ R.D. Spinz, Randall Spence did Boston University proud as he battled it on to secure second place . He described it as the most exhilarating fun he’s had in a while and his motto of the night was “I came, I saw, I partied.” After the end of the competition, Spence was hyped with energy and told me with great playlists come great responsibility, noting that he had the most fun in the “International Flare” battlegory. During and after the show, all the Boston University students were going crazy for DJ R.D. Spinz. In his downtime, Spence can be found heavily involved in BU’s DJ Association and DJ’ing locally at places such as The Middle East and various colleges in the area.

Boston University also had two other amazing DJ’s battle it out on stage that night. PSYCHOBABBLE, Henry Eve admits he was a little nervous but that was easily quelled by the amount of people that came to support him. Eve lost in the category “Something From My Thug Days” after playing some quality hip-hop songs he learned from BU’s Hip-Hop Club rather than any mainstream hits. He told me “I’ve never had any thug dayz, so I’m not mad that I lost.” Eve congratulates the winners and hopes everyone had fun but isn’t too wounded by the loss because he didn’t cater to crowd please and stayed true to his values as a DJ. The Persian Perversion, Farzad Irani wanted to say congratulations to R.D. Spinz for taking second place for Boston University and assured me that the Persian Perversion will be back for more.

In the ultimate competition of creativity and a keen musical ear, the DJ that won the crowd, won the title. I’m proud to say Boston University was well represented out there and a big congratulations to Randall Spence for getting Boston University second place for the top playlist in Boston.


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