Interview: Horizons

Horizons is the dream-child of three really close friends who shared a passion for performing, playing instruments and writing music. Pretty soon after formation, two new members were added. After a short time together, the guys produced their debut EP and have effortlessly spend that past couple of years extensively touring. Growing a fan-base with their catchy choruses and talented work with instruments,Horizons is well on its way to making a name in the music industry. Having just finished a tour with My Ticket Home with an upcoming one with Like Moths to Flames, we are sure to expect so much from these guys in the near future. In the meantime, the guys took some time to chat with us.

Alexandria Chong: Hey guys!

A.C.: Doug, Ben, Borys and Cameron, you guys are close friends. Tell us how Horizons came to be a band? 

Horizons: Doug, Ben and Cam have known each other since grade 7. We were all in a local band through high school but it fizzled out after we graduated. Eventually Doug and Ben began seriously writing music and wanted to try and make a legitimate attempt at playing music. They then got Cam on board and we later found Borys through a friend of ours. We recently had a member change and our good friend Don Tuer is now our lead vocalist. We met him through his old band which we had played with in the past.

A.C.: What was the biggest change to each of your lives over the past few years?

H: The biggest change for us has been devoting all our time and money to the band and committing to a life on the road. Some of us left post secondary endeavors and we all are still getting used to being away from our friends and family for long periods of time.

A.C.: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard in before in three words?

H: Our music is powerful, genuine and heartfelt. We feel like we have attained a sound that is catchy yet aggressive, producing a memorable listening experience for our audience.

A.C.: Tell us one thing about each of you that your fans probably do not know.

Doug: I really enjoy watching Romantic Comedies in our RV with Cameron Ridgeway.

Cam: I really enjoy watching Romantic Comedies in our RV with Doug Meadows.

Borys: I was part of a Ukrainian dance Ensemble for most of my life. We got to tour and perform in Europe, Canada and the US.

Don: I LOVE country music!

Ben: I played Junior A hockey and had a good shot at being drafted into the OHL, but I stopped playing and decided to pursue my dreams in music.

A.C: What do you guys find most frustrating about getting to create music together?

H: The main thing that causes friction in the writing process is creative conflict. Very rarely will everybody want the same thing in a song or agree on an idea. It gets frustrating at times but ultimately, the variety in musical ideas allows us to create a unique product.

A.C.: It’s obvious you guys love performing live shows. What goes through your heads when you’re up there on stage?

H: Our on-stage mindset is to always put on the best possible show we can. Whether it be the amount of movement and energy to plucking, hitting, singing and screaming until we can’t any longer. It always helps when the crowd reciprocates the enthusiasm but regardless, we believe it is our sole duty to leave it all on the stage every night.

A.C.: You guys just finished a tour with My Ticket Home and Palisades, any funny stories from the tour?

H: When My Ticket Home was playing their last song on the last show of the tour, all of us and Palisades jumped on stage and moshed with the band. They had no idea it was going to happen and was a great end to the tour.

A.C.: Who are your musical role models?

Doug: Joey Sturgis

Cam: Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

Borys: Dallas Green

Don: Matt Tobin

Ben: Justin Timberlake

A.C.: Is there one artist or band that you guys would absolutely love to collaborate with in the future?

H: All of us are huge Underoath fans and for a few of us, that band got us into heavy music. That being said, Aaron Gillespie would definitely be on the top of our list of people we’d like to collaborate with.

A.C.: How has Ontario influenced your style of music?

H: Ontario is home to lots of influential bands that we were fortunate enough to grow up with (Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Silverstein and Protest The Hero to name a few). I think we owe it to our Province for eventually shaping what our music sounds like today.

A.C.: If you guys were not musicians, what profession would you guys have and why?

Doug: Music Producer/ Sound Engineer. I already spend a lot of my time recording and producing and to do it for a living would be awesome.

Cam: Animal Biologist/ Zoologist. I’m very passionate about animals and the way they live and interact with each other.

Borys: Architect/ Graphic Designer. Before the band I was in my third year at the University of Toronto studying Architecture and Design.

Don: Working for my family business which would make me a Heating/Cooling Technician. I’ve always admired my parents for being hard workers and the field interested me.

Ben: Hockey player. A big chunk of my life has been devoted to playing hockey and it’s something that I will always love.

A.C.: Thank you guys for your time. It was great getting to know you guys! Good luck with everything!


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